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Justin Brooks
Justin Matthew Brooks
Aug 17,1980 - June 24, 2002

Born in Walla Walla, WA, Justin was always full of life and energy. His passion was computers and people, but as much as he loved computers he would drop what he was doing to give his friends a ride or just to talk. He was easy to talk to, a very good listener and best friend to many. He had a remarkable ability to interact and bond with people of all ages from young children to grand parents. Justin's self-proclaimed mission in life was to "make people happy" and he had an uncanny gift of helping people to feel better about themselves. He was the life of the party and was known to perform many antics to produce a smile, as he did not like to see anyone sad.

Justin enjoyed camping, driving in the country and practiced yoga and meditation his last few years. He was an inspiration to his family and friends.

Justin was tragically taken from us June 24, 2002 at age 21 years. He is greatly missed by many.

My teacher,
   My mentor,
     My webmaster,
       My son,
           Forever in my heart and mind

Justin Brooks "My religion says that I am here to serve others. That is where I gain most of my jollies and such." Justin Brooks

"Meditation allows oneself to see things in a new light. Meditation is more than just a mental thing, it is a whole body thing. Your body communicates itself to your mind. Then through any means you want, you can delete the undesirable things you see in yourself." Justin Brooks

"Your soul, you know, will live on. Your soul is you in others." Boris Pasternak